2002 yz426f valve recall?

I just mine down to the shop and they said the probably with why it wont start might be because a valve might have snapped making it loose compression. Now when i was kicking it over it actually did feel slightly easier so maybe that did happen.

He said Their was a recall on the motors. is that true about a recall on the motor valves?

Also why do they snap?

Cool, Getdrunk is back. :thumbsup:

Cool, Getdrunk is back. :thumbsup:


There is no recall on any 426, and never was. The recall was on the '06 YZ250F.

Usually valves snap off because they've been run for too long in a worn condition. However, if a valve did snap, you wouldn't be able to turn it over at all, so somebody's being BS'ed here.

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