Stroker SX1 SA minor nits...

Any of you guys running this muffler have a problem with the #14 sheet metal screw falling out? This is the hex head bolt located on the bottom of the muffler that holds the spark arrestor screen section in place. I've had to replace mine after every long ride. The thing just backs out since I can’t put a whole lot of torque on it for fear of it stripping. I tried using a little dab of high temp RTV as a surrogate form of loctite, but that didn't cut it either. I'll probably weld a little tab next to the bolt hole so I can safety wire it in place. Do you guys have any other ideas?

I have also had to switch to a high temp silicon O-ring that provides the seal for the optional quite tip. I found the stock O-ring brittle to the point of it cracking.


I have never had a problem with mine. When I first got the s/a I took the bolt out and put red loctite on it. I can not imagine ever having to remove the s/a out of the cannister anyway.


get a toffy hammer and give the thread a little tap about half way along.


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