stickers on gas tanks?

both my dad and i ( i have an ims, he has a clarke) have sticker on our tanks and after about 2 days the sticker has bubbles all over it like the gas is doing somthing to the sticker. anyone know about this? also there is an xrs only graphics kit that goes on my tank with lots of tiny holes it in. will this do the same thing? :thumbsup:

Its because the porous plastic allows for a bit of gas/fumes to escape which in turn eats the adhesive. Ive heard good things about the graphics with holes but have not tried myself.

I have had perforated grafx on my clarke tank for over a year, and it still looks great. Its been through hell and back, and drenched on many ocassions. Also washed regularly after rides....I have had to glue the edge in a few tiny areas maybe twice to keep it flat using an automotive glue that was in a tube and looked almost like silicone, and it worked perfect.

They were made for an XR600r but work fine on the Clarke tank for an XR650L.

Pics in garage if your curious.

Yup, HELL AND BACK! Those Starbucks runs were tough! I think I am gonna add some sticks myself.......

For added stickers (ie sponsors, product,etc.) on the tank take a stapler and staple remover; staple all over the sticker, remove staples and stick on. They will stick and not bubble.

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