You Won't Believe What I Found

I was cruising the myspace classifieds and saw a seller with a bunch of 400EX and YZ426 parts for sale.

I had to investigate

Don't say anything to him, but just check out this marvel. A look inside the simple, uneducated life of everyone's favorite EX TT'er: GET DRUNK ON MYSPACE :thumbsup:

HAHAHAH!!!!!!!! It's getdrunk! Wow, read his "About Me," what a loser. That's a good find, good laugh.

Duuuuuddddee that's funny :thumbsup::applause::applause::applause::ride::applause::ride::ride::applause::applause::applause::applause::applause::applause::ride::prof::prof::prof::p:thumbsup:

Get drunksAbout me: pasted in from his myspace

wana party every day............... had wash bord abbs then quad broke so abbs went away now starting to come back again................ I hate most boys and most hate me............... Hate mean people.............. hate school im droping out. i dont know what grade im in mabey a freshmin??? all i know is im almost 17 and got only 2 credits................ like drinking at bars.............. I got a race ready hybrid quad new it would be worth over $14,000............ over the summer i was at at least 15 parties......... Theirs a spot on a road that is bad luck for me. it keeps hurting me. i got beet up by a military guy on it. Then in the same spot i fell down a hill and landed on my back on the road. Then in the same spot i was all high and drunk hiding from a car, i think i thought it was the cops (idk) and i for got every thing around me and kept my eyes on the car cause the weed had me ****ed up good. well car passed i still was watchng the car and i stand up still not thinking and i turn around and next thing i was laying on the roar with a ****ed up rist. i walk back to party and drink n smoke more. i might need sergery on my rist and i need x rays again.

This dude is a bigger looser than I thought.

I almost feel sorry for him. :applause:

How does he measure the value of his hybrid? 400ex frame and a 426F motor (run without oil and proper airfilter) worth $14.000??? :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: that is freakin hilarious :applause: I wonder if he uses the date rape drug to get those girls to hang out with him

"I got a race ready hybrid quad new it would be worth over $14,000..........."


He's so cool!

That sucks actually. Not that it is a requirement to be a decent person by any means...but that kid needs a real dad.

I pretty much agree with you...his mom and dad should be flogged. I can't even find humor in that... I've got a feeling we'll be paying for him to live in a correctional facility soon.

...but that kid needs a real dad.

You are so right, and good friends too. I really feel sorry for him, not just almost.

At least it looks like he doesn't need any more schooling, his spelling is great.

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