More Environmental Business To Taker Care Of - Please help!!!

Information on the Forest Issue from ALRA.

American Land Rights Association - Land Rights Network

PO Box 400 - Battle Ground WA 98604

Phone: 360-687-3087 - Fax: 360-687-2973 - Email: <> -

Legislative Office: 508 First St SE - Washington DC 20003

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They're Taking Your Forests - ACT NOW !!!

Your future use of and access to all national forests nationwide could


be damaged or eliminated by a decision that will be made by a key Bush

Administration official with the Department of Agriculture in charge of


Forest Service late Friday.

It will only take five minutes of your time to click on a special e-mail

letter addressed to the key Congressmen and Mark Rey, Undersecretary of

Agriculture responsible for the Forest Service using the URL below.


go immediately to the following site and click on your letter. It is so

easy and so important.


********** CLICK LINK BELOW **********

What's the problem?

The Forest Service is still infected with hundreds of policy makers left

over from the Clinton Administration. They support ecosystem


That is a new word for getting rid of access, forestry, mining,


and most recreation in our national forests. In other words, the

elimination of MULTIPLE USE and the use of PRIVATE PROPERTY.

Friday Mr. Rey must make a decision about whether or not to pull back



Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendments (SNFPA).

This plan sets the stage and creates the environment to make it possible

for the Forest Service to get rid of multiple-use in all the national

forests in the Sierra Nevada in California and Nevada. It also


all private property owners in the Sierra Nevada. It attacks the water

supply for large areas of California and Nevada.

Why should you care if you don't live in California or Nevada?

If the Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendments (SNFPA) (ECOSYSTEM PLAN)


through, it will set a precedent for the massive elimination of most

elements of multiple use AND private property in every national forest

throughout America.

There must be an uprising of all private property and multiple use

advocates by sending specially crafted e-mail letters Wednesday,


and Friday. Congress and the Forest Service must be overwhelmed by your


This is the Bush Administration. Can't I feel secure they will make the

right decision protecting private property and multiple use in our




This is the exact mistake private property and multiple-use and


advocates made when Ronald Reagan was elected. They made the same


when George Bush was elected in 1988. Now our side is making the same

mistake with the new Bush Administration. Because we keep making the


mistake, we keep losing.

Multiple use, recreation and private property advocates are taking the


Administration for granted.

That is a loser.

If we had not taken them for granted already, the plan would not be this

far along and we would have had a better chance at a good decision. It


critical that you rise up and bang on the brain of the new Bush

Administration. If you don't the other side will take your rights. It


natural for officials, no matter what their history, to go toward the


of least resistance.

Our side is sitting down. We're so tired of fighting the Clintonites


we just want to TRUST that the new Bush Administration will do the right

thing. It will not happen if we don't do our job. We must create the

clamor for what we want. You can be sure those people who want to get


of multiple use, recreation and private property rights will be doing



All of us must act quickly create the clamor for what you want or you


lose. Big time.

Don't lose your rights by sitting on your hands. Don't let a decision


on the surface affects California and Nevada undercut your rights and

future use of all national forests.

Call your Congressman and both Senators Wednesday, Thursday and Friday


urge them to ask the Bush Administration Agriculture Department


to pull back the Sierra Nevada Forest Plan Amendments (SNFPA) (ECOSYSTEM

PLAN) for review. The best thing is for them to overturn the plan.

If our side sits on its collective hands now, then we will all deserve


loss of rights and uses that will come with doing nothing.

That must not happen.


-----1. Call your Congressman AND BOTH SENATORS. Every Congressman


Senator may be reached at the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 225-3121.


number gets them all. Tell them this plan will affect your national


There is a temporary FREE NUMBER of (800) 648-3516. That will also get

you every Congressman. This line may get busy. If so, use the


switchboard number. Do not fail to make your calls.

-----2. Send the simple "point and click" letter at the following site

that are pre-addressed to the appropriate officials.

********** CLICK LINK BELOW **********

-----3. If you want to send your own personal e-mail to Mr. Rey, use


following e-mail address:

You can send a FAX to: Mark Rey - (202) 720-0632

Want more information?

Click on:


"The American people will never knowingly adopt

socialism, but under the name of liberalism they

will adopt every fragment of the socialist program

until one day America will be a socialist nation

without ever knowing how it happened".

--Norman Thomas, Socialist Party presidential

candidate and one of the founders of the ACLU---


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Done Paulie! You ready to sell that bike yet? :)



I support this mission and will take action.

Thanks for all of your help and advice in the recent past.


Thanks for sharing this. Took only a fw moments. We must continue to speak up.

DONE Paul one for me and one for Eva,hay you up for wensday? call me.


Signed, sealed, delivered.

hope they make a difference... just sent mine.

ride on! :)

Thanks for the headsup Paul. I live in the Umpqua National Forest and I see the hippies running thru it with thier little bags of pot thinking they are so smart, It is all I can do to keep from putting a hole in one of them.

Again, thank you, I will busy for a while with this one.

Formerly Citizen Kane :):D

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