Modding my 94 XR650L

I will be modding my XRL this week and need some help. I will be putting on a full system exhaust, and rejetting the carb. My question is what to jet the carb to? I live at sea level so after cleaning the carb out completly, and with my new exhaust system, what specs should the carb be jetted to???

55/158 jetting should be perfect drill the slide and shim the needle as Daves mods tell ya, and a Uni filter and remove the snorkel. Do wheelies and enjoy the new power, then re-gear to 14/48 and really get the most of her.

have fun

I know you are looking for some engine mods but you need to get some new bars, pro taper cr high bend, one of the best mods I done to my bike by far. Oh, and dont forget the WB Bros exhaust, BRAAAAPPPPP! :thumbsup:

put bars on a while back. I am actually refering to the jetting situation. I am going to put a full exhaust system on, and rejet the carb. As far as gearing goes....What is the stock gear ratio? I do 85-95% of my riding on the street. Being that it is a 650 it has lots of power, so I want to know what is a good gear ratio for street and highway commutes, with the "occasional" dirt ride.

According to the spreadsheet i have and the info in the manuals, with the stock gearing of 15/45, the final reduction is 3.000.

15/45 gives 3.000 STOCK

14/45 gives 3.214 (works better than stock for me to reduce the skip between 1st & second. I ran this for a while with street tires and it was pretty good, but i am not a speed demon so the 85-90mph crowd may well disagree)

14/47 gives 3.357 (Seems to be quite popular for a bit of mixed duty, but i havent tried it yet)

14/48 gives 3.429 (Greatly reduces the 1-2 skip, Seems the most popular for offroad, lowers top speed, mine gets buzzy around 60-65)

15/47 gives 3.133 (Have not tried this.)

15/48 gives 3.200 (Have not tried this, but it has nearly the same ratio as the 14/45 i tried earlier.)

From my understanding, basically, the bigger the ratio, the more low end, less high end you will have; & vise-versa. I am currently running 14/48 & I run no more than 60mph anyhow, and i like the low end for what i do.

I am about 60/40 street/dirt, I never get on the thruway, only occasionally hit a road that is posted over 45mph as i am on the fringes of suburbia. I live only about 4 miles from work & commute every day on side roads & trails, so long distance high speed thruway isnt an issue for me.

Thanks for your response. I feel more eduacted on the subject now. I do however feel as though I may be one of those speed demons you were referring to, and I DO ride my bike on the freeway reguarly. I am looking for a bike the is great for that, and while keeping some low/mid end for when I do ride on the side streets and dirt. I ride 95% on the street, so I should accomdate for that. Has anyone regeared they're bike to accomodate for freeway riding while still being happy off road? What gear ratios are you running?

The only choise you have is stock 15/45 for the high way. Or try the 14/45 cheaper to just by the counter sprkt. It will be a bit buzzy over 60/65 though.

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