Just got a WR 400F, but i have a noise

Hi there,

just got my new bike,

rid it today for the 1st time, everything is great, BUT

it sounds like the tappets are ticking,

is this something to be getting really worried about ?

i plan in about 3 weeks to so it coming apart, and having the cam chain replaced, valves checked and a new piston kit

but this noise is making me think i may have to get it apart ASAP !


I have a '98 WR400 with the stock exhaust. The engine noise is more noticeable than a YZF since the YZF has a much louder exhaust. All the new 4 strokes make some engine noise. Suggest you have a mechanic listen to it to make sure it's the 'normal' amount of noise. Also check the valves if it has a lot of hours on it and you are not sure if/when it's been done. Check the oil filter and screen for metal. In my opinion Yamaha has the most durable valve train of all the 'modern" 4 strokes which they are responsible for creating this incredible revolution when they came out with the YZ and WR 400s in '98. I like the KTM for it's easier maintenance.

The older I get the better I was.

Hi there,

Many thanks for your reply,

it is a 1998 WR400, with loudish muffler on,

where i rid it,there was a man with a 426, and his wasnt making the ticking,

and my friends 2005 250F was not doing it,

to me it really sounded like tappets ticking,

my brothers a bike mechanic, but i have not managed to get hold of him yet about it,

so thought id ask the question on here, having a WR400 forum is great !

perhaps you have an aluminum skidplate? Just a guess. My 400 makes a lot of noise but everything with the valves are fine and it runs very well.

I have a 03' Wr 450 that has been a a little loud in the valve train, I just adjusted them and the noise lessened but didn't go away. If your going to tear it down in a few weeks you should be ok as a Yamaha mechanic told me that the valves never come that close to the piston any way unless they actually break! If you do the work your self get a manual if possible or take pictures of the cam wheels and stuff with a digital camera. Be careful with the auto tensioner.I didnt do it correctly and it ended up putting so much tention on the chain it was hard to kick over. VERY frustrating as I was certain I had done every thing else right.


thanks guys

i do have a manual, been doing lots of reading on the net too,

i am a photographer and go round the MX tracks taking pictures then selling them,

and there is a company i take pics for, who is a yam dealer, they have some team riders,

i give them a ring, they seem to think its the cam chain, he said the valves very rarely make a big noise on them

and everyone they have stripped its been a worn cam chain,

therefore ive got a cam chain coming tomorrow,

today i had delivery of some engine ice, grips, new air filter, and most of all a nice big 25 litre oil drum, one of the shops told me to go with this, as it was made for the Yam engine, its motorex top speed 4, 15-50 sae

got a nice big list of bits to do to it this weekend

cant wait to get to work on her

Let us know what you find...I have a '98 that sounds pretty ticky to me, alum skid plate, but starts and runs perfect. Last owner told me he checked valves a few rides back, they were in spec, but not everyone's an expert. As I probably only have a few rides left this season, was going to check it over the winter.

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