anyone have some #s for xr600r

hi. 86 xr600r. i would just like to double check my specs. for small end on connecting rod. my manual say's,0.9457-0.9465. wear limit 0.948. i average at 0.9467. also there is some wear visible gut i'am cleaning it up w/ 1500 grit, anyone see a down side to this? got the new sleeve in, 100mm, 10.5:1. still waiting for the reground cam and new head pipe. new valves, springs etc. gonna have the seats ground, they showed signes of leaking some. do the valve guides have to be pressed in? i think yes. probably should do that too. what do you think. i've got no way the measure those. tim

Yes, the valve guides are pressed in. You can get a feel for the guides by sliding a valve in. Make sure the valve and guide are dry (no oil). Now you can feel for clearance between the valve and the guide. If the valve flops around in the guide, then it's worn. There should only be a small amount of clearance. My understanding it that work guides will result in oil consumption. If your bike wasn't using oil before you took it apart, the guides are most likely OK.

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