Problemmatic Shifting


Have a '01 WR426, and she gets a lot of use here in Colorado. During my most recent trip to Moab, I started experiencing problems with my down shifting. Kind of a weird deal. When I would go to down shift my bike, I would kick down for the shift but it wouldn't change gears until the clutch was let out. A few times I would come to a stop while still in 5th gear, and for each down shift, I would need to let the clutch out most of the way before it would shift down. I had minor issues with my bike not shifting down a little bit this summer, but it's definately not getting better. 2nd to 1st is the worst by far, instead of shifting down to first, a lot of times it just goes into neutral, :) which turns into a big suprise when your trying to pop up a ledge or over a log. So, I'm asking the experts, what causes this kind of problem?? I'm not terribly familiar with this area of the bike. Any help or ideas would be appreciated as usual.

Keep roostin',


NOt absolutely 100% on this but the only time I have had this problem was on a road (street) Bike and then it was a bent selector fork inside the box..if it is this the fork itself is not to expensive it is the labour to remove and split etc... :)

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