1996 XR600R oil level

I just bought the bike and I have a few questions about the oil level. Should the bike be running when checking the crankcase using the oil check bolt by the rear brake lever. I checked it right after shutting it off and the oil ran out with the bike straight up. I then checked it with it idling and it appeared to be more like what the service manual indicated it was supposed to be meaning it didn't run out when straight up but did when tipped to the right just a little. I think the service manual meant the bike should be off. Can someone shed some light on the subject for a newbie?

Also, can someone tell me what keeps the oil in the frame tank when the bike is not running rather than running down into the crankcase. I followed the instructions in the service manual to check the oil with the dipstick and I get different readings. Can someone help me out?

THANKS from a newbie!

It's typical to get different readings. The only tine I can get a "true" reading is to check it after riding. The best thing to do is to ride it for 5 minutes or more and then check the level. Somehow when idling it never gets to the true level.

The only thing that keeps the oil in the tank is the close tolerances in the oil pump that the tank feeds. I guess my pump is still in good shape, because it takes quite a while for my oil level to change after shutting the bike off. The oil stays high enough to reach the dipstick for several days.

The crankcase bolt level is very sensitive to the bike being exactly level. If the bike is leaning right just a little, oil will come out. The bike need to run for a while to pump the oil back into the tank. After it sits, the level in the crankcase will be higher. I almost never check the crankcase bolt oil level.

Thanks cleonard,

your insight is very helpful!

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