White Brothers E2 vs. Xr's Only Exhaust

I have a stock 2005 XR650R. I am in the process of uncorcking it and putting a few mods on. I will be running the stock headers and putting an aftermarket pipe on. I have narrowed it down to the WHITE BROS. E2 and the XR'S ONLY STAINLESS. Can anybody tell me which pipe will be the best overall? Any input is appreciated. Thanks. :thumbsup:

I was never able to get a lot of information about the XR's Only pipe when I was in the market for it. XR's Only didn't answer my emails so I never bought the exhaust from them. If I recall correctly the pipe is louder than 96db and the E2 comes in right at 96db if it's in good condition. If your decision is based solely on performance I'd go with the XR's Only pipe but run the full system that includes the header.

I have the XRs only stainless full system on my XRL and it is made very well. It is a bit loud but not as bad as some harleys. I think it was money well spent and that you get what you pay for.

I also have an '05 XRR. I have the White Bros E-2 with the XR's Only stainless header. All in all I like them both but the XR's Only header needed "tweaking". I had exhaust leaks around the secondary pipe fitting but nothing that a bit of hammering could'nt fix. FYI, mine is all off road and a bit loud. I plan to use my DB guage for exact sound levels and posting the results at a later date...

who makes the xr's only exhaust for them?

I don't know who made the pipe for them,but the fit was perfect on mine. Also this pipe isn't put to gether with rivits and the last time I knew the white bros was.

I would definately go with the xrs only pipe, it is a high quality pipe. However you should replace the factory header with the xrs only header for the full benefit of the upgrade. Also if you want to adjust the sound level xrs only sells a quite core insert that will bring the sound level down to 96db and does not really affect the performance. Try sending an email to rideaide@hotmail.com for a better price than what xrs only qoutes, mans name is Kamell and works for xrs only, but has his own business as well, I have gotten a price break of 15% dealing with him.

header $169 rideaide $145 :devil:

muffler $329 rideaide $290 :thumbsdn:

quiet insert $30 rideaide $26 :thumbsdn:

You may tell him that Rebelventurer from Florida refered you. He will reply to your email and I have found him to be honest and willing to answer all of your questions. :excuseme::cry:

This is way less than a lot of other full systems. Oh, it also uses a pillow type packing that outlasts the loose packing found in many other systems and is replaced easy due to the use of bolts that hold the all stainless can together, where other systems use stainless ends which are riveted to an aluminum can. :cry:

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