guts racing seat

I have had one for the past 2 months and it is the best $$ i have spent so far. I have 1 inch tall soft foam with the fancy balastic seat cover and me an my but love this seat. These guys are great. Take your seat off and send to them, they will put the foam and the cover on and send it back to you. They dont charge you for the service. the whole thing including the shipping cost me around $140

I have had one also with 1" taller foam. Great seat, couldnt live without it if your spending time in the saddle.

Best seat money can buy I have had one for about 6months and ride alot of daul sport (300 milers )and I tell you that seat doe's the job,I took mine up to Guts and they did the seat while I waited.

monty :)

[ December 01, 2001: Message edited by: MONTY ]

has anybody had any experience with the guts racing wr tall seat? it looks to me that it uses the wr tank and just fills in the big dip with seat foam. any ideas?

thanks guys...that is gonna solve my problem. being tall i need a seat more like th yz with less of a dip in the middle. does it come with taller than 1 inch? thank again

I got the 4in taller works geart.


mwbailey.....if you're interested in a used Guts tall soft foam seat assy., let me know. I have one for sale for $100+shipping. Only wear on it is slight wear on the Yamaha logos on both sides.

Just a bit to tall for me(5'10" with my Alpinestars buckled on :) ). Let me know.

Anyone have any pics or further pointers to info on this seat?



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