Pismo Beach, NOW RUST!!! newb

I have a pretty new 2005 YZ450F.

I am still learning how to properly maintain it.. Today was my first time removing my chain.. I am cleaning it in Kerosine. I am going to remove my shift linkage and give it a lube as well as my front tire....

What can I do to get rid of the nasty rust in that bolt.. and keep my sprockets nice and clean??

Doesn't seem like Simple Green 50/50 will be enough.. Any info/links will be appreciated!!!



I always kinda soak each bolt 'n' nut that I take off in some kind of WD-40 type chemical... Or some Metal Parts Cleaner, they seem to come out clean and also screw back in a whole lot better.... I do about 90% sand riding and I know that those bolts can take a beating so I'd just get some Metal Parts Cleaner and soak em... Hope this helps...

PB Blaster

PB Blaster

Best stuff ever, works great to loosen all bolts and is a much better protective lube than WD40. Just use it in moderation and keep it away from things that get really hot. If not you'll have a wonderful smelly bike as the chemicals burn away.

IMO the best technique to keep your bike from rusting is stay away from the salt air and sand. I would clean your chain with WD40 and then lube with chain lube. Buy a tube of anti-seize and put on the threads of your chain adjusters where they thread into the swingarm and on the nut and axle bolt. I would clean and lube with water proof grease both the front and rear axles. The sand also tends to get inside your rear suspension linkages and bearings causing premature wear.

That bolt will always have rust on it - spray it with lube to make it look better...and stay out of any salt water...or tear it (linkage) completely down afterwards clean and relube

Pismo is a beautiful place but I will never take my bike there. We spent 3 days there a few years ago & just took the quads. I spent so much time & WD 40 after I got home just to stop the rust. My new toolbox buckles even rusted just sitting in the back of my truck :thumbsup: There's really nothing you can do except maybe rinse the bikes off at night & then cover them up or keep them in the toy hauler. Perhaps next time I go one of you guys will be nice enough to let me borrow on of your bikes...I got lots of WD 40!!!!!!!!!!!

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