ECU problem????

I recently purchased a 94 XR650L. IT has this weird problem when I ride of occasionally stalling out randomly while riding or stopping. So naturally, I spent the whole day investigating. My bike is getting spark when cold but not as it warms up. After tracing the lines, etc, and checking for current, I have come to the conclusion that the problem is in the little box next to the battery. (the ECU/CDI????) The bike was stored for years outside and not cared for, so im thinking that the problem lies there. Possibly a shorted out/corroded wire, thats causing it to ground out?? Is it possible? What do you guys think???


All the "L" guys are out riding so I'm going to put in my two cents in, sense I have owned both. The first thing I think of is it's a bad connection on a safety, the first safety I would look at is the side stand switch ( disable it and move on to the next one if there is still a problem), then maybe a bad connection on the neutral safety switch, well you get the idea. Maybe this first owner parked the bike outside all the time, I would also pull apart the ignition switch and look for corrosion inside the switch.

I have never had a CDI go bad, but I think people have changed them trying to solve a bad connection problem. Let us know what you find, it's always nice to hear the problem is solved.

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