Had a little accident... Now looking for FORK parts!!!

I had a small wipe-out (large stump in the middle of a trail) and now have a bent front endon 2002 WR426F ... I haven't had a real look at it or torn it down, but from appearances it looks like the left outer tube. Tire goes left, bars go right... Pretty upset, but &%$#@!... had fun up til then!!! I was wondering if anyone knows a place to get inexpensive replacement parts (Not cheap, but some dealerships can sell cheaper than others) I found most places, a replacement fork was closer to $700 US and the outer tube was close to $350 US... I haven't even priced them in Canada yet!!! I can hardly wait :thumbsup: Thanks for any help or direction you can give!!! I love the people on this site!!!!


I may post duplicates in the WR 250 and the YZ forums to get more help

I have a complete fork leg from a 99 yz400f. I don't recall which side it is, I believe its the left side, I will check later today. But the upper tubes are the same left to right. It's not bend and all works good. The seals might need replcacing as it has been sitting for a while. If your interested let me know.

I may be... I'm going to try loosening the tripple clamps and see if that is all it is first.... If it's bent and the tubes are the same from the 400 to the 426, I'll be getting hold of you... Thanks for the quick reply


I have a stock set of tripples off of my 02 wr426 if you find those were damaged.

Theres a guy parting out an 01WR426 on ebay. I just saw a front end with no bids last night...

Thanks to all... as it turned out, I just had to loosen the clamps and rattle it around to straighten everything...


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