Radiator Brace?

I have an 06 YZ450F

It has the cages on it

The lt side radiator has bent back three times now

Is there a way to brace it front to rear?

I had a hard fall on the left side too and bent the radiator and cages back some 20 mm, without braces it would have been expensive. I don't see how you could prevent that from happening (except without falling) :thumbsup:

I've looked alot of braces for my 06 450 and haven't liked alot of them due to some being poorly made (works connection) and some that restrict air flow. Try Rooster performance. I've bought a couple of things from them and there great. I talked with the guys who in charge of the company and there still working on the radiator braces for the new 06 450's but they should be out around the end of the month. I went into the place they make them and saw some for the 05's and there stout. You can get them in the MX version (just a brace) or the woods which is a brace and protects the front. I asked him about airflow compaired to the stock louvers and he said that there hoping to make these flow better than the stock lovers. Check out the website www.roosterperfromance.com and give the guy (Steve Thompson) a call he's really helpful. Hope that helps. AMF

P.S. there front disc guard is the nicest front disc guard I've seen, gotta have one.

I don't know which Works Connection braces you're referring to, but These for the '06 seem pretty tough. Baron von Beard bought some and said he was fairly impressed with them. If you wanted, I'd say a rearward brace to the frame could be added reasonably easily.

They're certainly an improvement over the older WC braces.

A friend of mine told me that the YZF450 2007 already comes with a radiator brace, is that right?

Yamaha says it has "built in radiator braces". I haven't seen one, so I don't know what that means exactly, but I'll speculate that it means the radiator frame is heavier in strategic areas.

I originally bought those rectangular boxed shaped Work connection radiator braces and didn't like the way they worked and I accidently bent one in my hands before mounting it so I returned them. That and the metal felt a little on the weak side. I also wanted to support a local company. Rooster Performance's HQ is two miles from one of the stations I work at. Check out there stuff it seems like you get more bang for the buck.

You guys should take a look at the Unabikers here on this sight. The Works have 2 posts in the front and 2 in the back. The Unabikers have 2 in the front, 3 in the rear, 2 posts tying the cages together and a built in metal shield in the front. These things are solid, real solid. They also look good.

Has anyone tried the Devol ?

I have the devol, but haven't laid it down yet. They look realy strong, but the front to back is still a ??? I don't know what it is, on my honda I would go down all the time, but now that I'm on the yamaha !!!.

The devols worked great on my honda, thats why I got them for the Yamaha

I have an 06 YZ450F

It has the cages on it

The lt side radiator has bent back three times now

Is there a way to brace it front to rear?

Take a look at Works Connection braces. They are a triangular shape that bolts to the radiator and to the frame. It works great on my CRF450X and should work on your Yamaha as well.

The CRF's and YZF's are different animals when it comes to how you can mount radiator braces. Basically there is no great way on the YZF for 06. I bought the Devol because I needed something metal in front of the radiator because of the tight brush in Hawaii. I know that if I crash the wrong way they may get bent but I don't think any one of the brands out there will prevent it, just mitigate it. The guys have given you a bunch of options so now all you have to do is pick...

I think the best protection for radiators is a big ass tank that will take the blunt of most drops....combined with some kind of guard.

Thanks for the replies

The cages I have are WC

They make the radiators feel very solid on the bike

I have to give them credit, the radiators are still in good shape

I don't think anything will stop them from bending the whole assembly back without some kind of a brace going toward the rear of the bike

All three crashes where in the whoops (I hate whoops)

I think without the cages I would have had to replace the radiator

I have been trying to find a way to brace them but so far I no go

I was hoping someone else has been able to figure something out

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