Powdercoating Aluminum Frame?

Will the heat involved in powder coating weaken an XRR's aluminum frame?

Is paint the better option, and what is the best paint to use?

I've seen a couple of pics (on the XR's Only site I think) of XRRs with black and red frames and I like that look quite a bit.

Thanks, 4Takt

I use Cardinal or powchem paints on the mtn bike frames I build. I have put them back in the fixture to check allignment and they are still in spec. So, I don't see it being a problem.

Not A Problem At All, ask powderman

Not A Problem At All, ask powderman

Who's powderman?


I have run powercoat on my XT for about 2 years now. I didn't even bother getting fancy with the Zinc primer because it was the first time I did it to aluminum components and just wanted to see how it would be on its own. It has been great up till now. Next time it will be zinc primed and coated for sure for even better longevity.

Who's powderman?


Powderman ownes and operates two powder coating shops, also races dirtbikes and super moto, just search his name and send him a private message :thumbsup:

no it will not change the strenghth.i work at a powdercoater:)

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