99 Remote Hotstart

Who makes the best remote hotstart for the 99. Took the bike to Hollister yesterday, the 03 WR Cam worked perfect, but that hotstart is a pain in the butt. My friends pulled the ole "It's not really a black diamond" on me.

I got one from motion pro. It works pretty well, and mounts on the Triple clamp. I am considering going to a perch mounted HS, only for a little extra convenience, but I'm probably doing the Quick-Shot AP cover first, then Power Now. Both of those "should" help with stalling, and claim to help with Hot starts.

remote HS

Thanks. Do you know of any perch mounted ones for the '99?

DR. D makes a real nice perch mounted unit.

But it looks like that one is for 00-02 bikes, i wonder what the difference is?

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