2000 Xr600r

The other day, I fired my XRR up, and rode it for the first time in a few months. I didnt ride it hard, and only rode for about 30 minutes down some soft trails. I got it in my garage, and let it idle while I took off my helmet. I shut it down and noticed splatters of oil all under the drain spout under the swingarm. It also smelled burnt. Is this because the oil is a bit old ( 4 months-not many miles at all), or is it because it hasnt been fired up in a while? I dint see any smoke, nor did I use any oil. (That I noticed). I can feel air come out of the drain (vent?) tube with pretty good pressure. Ride it or have it looked at? Thanks again JL

A lot of air goes in and out as the engine is running. It's normal. When the piston goes down 600cc of air go out. When it goes up that 600cc gets sucked back in. When the rings wear the blow by goes out that hose. When it gets too much it starts carrying oil out with it. If there is too much oil in the engine, it can happen too. Perhaps while the bike sat, all the oil seeped out of the frame tube back into the engine filling it much higher than normal. When you started it some of that oil splashed around and got blown out the crankcase breather.

A few drops is no big deal. Normally it's not a critical issue. Just ride it and see how it goes. If it starts blowing more and more oil out, then it's the rings. I had to replace the rings on my 600. Before I fixed it it was spewing massively. Every time that I stopped the bike, it left a little oil slick. People were like "dude you bike is dripping oil" everywhere.

If you do high speed wide open runs, it will put out a little oil even if everything is working normally.

thanks once again for your help, I'll keep an eye on it. Hopefully its not the rings. The bike APPEARS to have low mileage. Why wouldnt it need new rings. I dont have ENOUGH to do..hah hah

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