Fuel in my oil?????????

After running and "still" having the smell is the oil level going up on the stick? Is it thinning out from fuel dilution? You will always have some meTal in the oil filter and filter area! Don't know about the noise unless the oil did get thin and started to FAIL to do its job. Is the smell just as strong as the first time? Good luck!!!

my 01 wr426 got a chirping sound when i removed the air box lid. as for the gas smell i dont have it.

I have an 01 WR426. I was ridding last weekend and heard an unusual "Chirping noise" coming from the engine. I turned off the bike and smelled the dip stick and it smelled like gasoline. I got a tow back to the truck.I had left the fuel valve on and the bike sat for 3 weeks(dumb mistake). I changed the oil and the filter had a bunch of medal flakes on it. This time I turned the fuel valve off.I rode the bike 2 times(still had the awsome WR power) and changed the oil again,still had the fuel smell and medal flakes. The bike has 1000 miles on it and 5 oil changes. What could be causing the fuel smell and the medal flakes? Thank you

The oil did thin out the first time.I think that is what caused the noise(possible damage?). The second time it did not thin out. The smell is not as strong in the second oil change. The oil does reach the dip stick and settles between the lines. Where is all the metal particles comming from? Thank you for the good info.

The metal is probably coming from the clutch. My bike has 30 hours on it and continues to have metal flakes in the oil filter. It is nothing to worry about.



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