I need Baja Design & Scott Summers instuctions.

Just bought a used 03 XR650R that has the Baja Design dual sport kit and Scott Summers fork brace with the fork guards sitting in a box with no instructions on how to install it. Anybody have the instructions?

Thanks, Mike

I will buy the Dual-sport kit if you decide not to put it on your bike.

I will buy the Dual-sport kit if you decide not to put it on your bike.

Sorry, I'm going to install it on the XR.

Whatever you do DON'T forget to trim back the front fender when using the fork brace. I bought my 95 XR600R with one installed and the last guy had not done this. Five foot jumps with flat landings will bottom you out........believe me I know...........and when the fender comes down on top of the brace it will force it onto your tire. Can you picture what will happen to you? Yes, your wheel will stop, it will skid, you will probably crash, you will hurt. I badly sprained an ankle and cracked two ribs. It sucked!

I used a coping saw to cut a nice big chuck out of either side of the fender to make sure it clears the brace under full compression.

No more worries.

Im selling the SRC fork brace kit(retail $148.95), never used, with the add on fork guards(retail $91.95).

$180.oo for everything. PM me, or call my cell (770) 354-8106 Mike

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