Coolant System Question

Hi all-

I have an 05 WR450 with a strange cooling system mystery. I have to refill my overflow bottle after every ride. I filled my radiators to the specifications in the manual, but I seem to be losing coolant. I haven't noticed any overflow from the radiators or the overflow bottle while riding.

I willl be checking my oil tonight. I am going to put it in a clean pan and let it sit for a couple of hours to see if any of the water seperates from the oil. If i find anything in the oil, I'm sure it's the impeller seal on the engine side. I know the other one is okay because there is no coolant coming from the weep hole. I replaced my impeller and seals in july. I'm thinking I may have put the seal in backwards.

Other than the impellar seal, what else should I check while I'm at it? Where else do you guys see coolant loss?

Is the bike getting hot? (Is it possible that you are boiling over?)

It's possible to pinch the overflow tube while installing the seat or perhaps there is a hole in the over flow tube and your not seeing the coolant leak out?

Good luck, over heating bad :thumbsup:

i'm not overheating.

i haven't noticed any boiling over, but i'll check all the hoses for pinching or restriction.

thanks for the reply.

any other ideas out there??

If it was getting into the water, you'd have a mayonaisse-looking mess on the dipstick and elsewhere...

as it turns out, i put both the seals in backwards. :thumbsup:

yes....i'm an amateur.

feel free to insert adjective here : HAHAHA, you're a _______'in fool!

sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. that mistake cost me about $70 and a couple of hours. :applause:

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