Headlight Help

I need some input on putting a headlight on my 98 YZ 400. Should I go with the E-line stator from Baja Design, or go with a WR stator. I am leaning towards the WR, only because I think the E-line is ugly. Will I be happy with the performance of the WR? Thank for your help.

The 2000 and later stators have 120 watts. I put one on and the only thing that I dislike is the 3 mph lost from top end with the WR ign. module! You didn't state if you were going to just run off the stator or battery, a regulater is needed for motor on basic lamps. A reg/rect. unit is needed if you are going to use a battery. I run a Baja Designs HID lamp and LOVE it. You will also need to get a WR front brake line to work with a front lamp/# plate unit. Aftermarket is way less $$$. Any questians e-mail me. itsamre@earthlink.net

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