03 wr450 ran low on oil -need help-

My WR 450 was leaking oil out of the bottom oil plug on the oil filter cover during my hour long ride on Sunday. When I noticed I turned the bike off right away. Drained the oil to see how much I lost and only about 1/8 of a liter came out. I filled it back up and put a new bolt in the oil filter. The bike started and ran the same as always. My question is, what should I look and listen for.

Thanks for your help

If the bike didn't overheat from lack of oil and it runs and sounds normal I'd say you just averted disaster. Keep an eye on things, check your valve clearance and keep it full of fresh oil. My timing mark plug vibrated out the other day 100 miles from home on the other side of the mountains and I noticed my left boot covered in oil. The bike was still full so I was able to plug the hole with an ear plug and duck tape to finish the ride. I check my bike over every break. It's not an old Harley but these bikes do vibrate. Anyway, check those valves right away and hopefully your good to go. :thumbsup::applause::applause:

Dude I changed the oil and filter one day but left out the all important step of refilling the case. Went around the block then over to a friends house....wheelies all the way...thought about it on the way back and bout freaked out. Got home, filled her up and have been floggin ever since with no problems :thumbsup:

BTW... you need to listen for sirens if you are streetin that dog :applause:

Rode with a guy and his brand new KTM once for 40 miles. He had just drained out the break in oil, but forgot to refill. Saw him 6 months later and his bike was fine. It was a 2 stroke now that I think of it.

A 2-stroke with crankcase oil? haha

Remenber its a dry sump.. so if u drained it right after u stopped it it shouldnt be muck oil en the crankcase..

Thanks for your help guys. I drained the oil about 1 1/2 hours after I turned it off from the bottom drain bolts. I took it for a ride and it worked the same. Don't know if the engine noises are new or old because I didn't pay attention to the engine that close befor.


Damage sustained from running low on oil would be found in the oil screen and filter. Check for sparklies. A little bit in the filter is normal but not too much. The screen is alot coarser and you shouldn't find much in there...if there is...oh-oh! If you find a bunch of metal you can take it to the dealer and they should be able to identify where it came from in your engine. :thumbsup:

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