Oversize bars??

Just bent my Pro-Taper SE handlebars (7/8 ") yesterday during a trail ride.

I've been happy with them, but I'm thinking of going with the oversized (1 1/8") Contour models, for greater strength. I don't feel like putting out the money for a new upper clamp to use the oversize bars, so I heard that Pro-Taper has some type of clamp that attaches to the top of the stock handlebar clamp. I'm guessing that this will put the height of the new bars up quite a bit, and I'm wondering how much higher they'll be, and has anyone done this?? I think it runs a little over a $ 100 for the clamp and bar combo, versus $ 58 or so for another SE handlebar. Is the combo worth going to??


P.s. I currently run the CR high bend model, but if i go with the combo, I guess I could get a shorter height bar to compensate for the additional height??

i also considered the bigger bars for mine...the clamp is only 1/4" or so higher than stock. but the place where bars normally bend is at the bottom bend. the oversize bars are still 7/8 in that spot. but i do reccomend staying with the pro taper bars

Yeah, I thought I heard the mounting kit puts the bars up 3 quarters of an inch.....

Anybody else have any experience??????

I had universal risers with Pro Tapers on my 00 and I was happy with them, but I have long arms and I was going for some extra height. If you're worried about going too high, then I may have a deal for you- I have the stock bars off my 06 that are brand new I'd make you a good deal on- they are a fairly low bend (similar to RC bend according to Pro Taper) and with the universal risers (up 3/4 inch or so) you would probably be right in the ballpark of your old setup. Let me know if you're interested.

Cowboy, I can't remember if those bars you're talking about are Yamaha's or are they Pro-Taper??

If they're made by Yammi, than I'm not interested, if they are Pro-Taper, than I am interested. I'm looking into getting the Carmicael bend to neutralize the height increase, so If the bars are pretty close to the Carmichael bend, than it would probably be about the same. Let me know who makes your bars....


Yep, stock bars on a 2006 YZ450 are made by protaper and are low like the Carmichael bend.

I just bent mine a little while ago.This week when I went to replace them, I realized that protaper bars are no longer being made in the USA. They've switched to a lower grade aluminum for the new "contour" bar and the higher end bar called the "EVO" won't be out for another month or so. My understanding is that both bars will be made in Taiwan. I believe the contours are about 65 bucks retail and the EVOs will be about 85 bucks. Anybody had a good fall on a set of contours? I'm curious how bend resistant they are with the lower grade aluminum they're made of. Who know's maybe they made them with thicker walls and they will be just as tough as the originals?

I had a hard time figuring out what was up with all of that due to the Protaper website still reflecting the old bar info.

Moochie, I too found the Pro-Taper information confusing. I think there was some type of problem in dealing with Easton Aluminum, that caused them to switch materials....at least that's what I heard.

The bars I took off my '06 are the same height as that listed for Pro Taper's "YZ High" bend, not that either one is high in any way. I own a pair of each, and both are about the same height as Tag Metals' "YZ" bend. If find the nomenclature to be amusing, if not helpful.

I put on a set of Pro Taper Contours with a Woods highbend. I put them on a WR so I chose to buy their new adjustable top clamp with the rubber insert. Ive had some minor crashes in the 3 months or so theyve been on .However this last weekend I had the worst crash ever . At a pretty good clip I hit two trees side by side about 6-8" in daimeter.They destroyed my left shroud,bent my radiator and guards after tearing them from the frame and fractured the top of my tibia. MY Moose hand guards and the bars are still perfect other than a few scuffs and bark pieces in the cracks!

I did not read any of the previous posts, however if you are considering new clamps or fat bars for your bike, DO IT! I put on a set of Applied clamps and a pair of pro taper 1 1/8 CR Bend on my 03 yz450, and it is a whole new machine. Also for those who drop thier bike frequently, an aluminum throttle tube and ASV levers will make all of your controls completely bomb proof! Good luck.


Thanks for the encouragement, I'm definately going to go with the 1 1/8th bars/clamp.

Gotta agree with the ASV and the billet throttle also. I had a habit early on of dumping the bike, and ruined the levers and throttle tube. No more after the ASV, and the new billet tube.


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