1990 XR600R wont start

I have a problem with starting up my XR. Just got it.(good price because not running).Preowner said motor misfired and died,never started again.He had it in shop. Has 100pounds(don't know if those guys tested the right way) compression,gets gas and spark(I believe spark is not strong enough and not continous,sprayed starting fluid in intake and nothing ,not even a burp.)Took motor apart and everything is fine inside.Guess its electrical but don't know where to start looking or what parts to get.

Anybody with an idea?

thanks for every little hint!

greetings, Lars


Yup, what surfnride said. Pre-'91 600's are notorious for stator (exciter coil)failure. To verify, perform an ohm check between the black/red wire from the stator and the chassis. If it's higher than 320 or lower than 230 you've definitely found your problem,.

You need the manual to test stator, coil, crank sensor and CDI so your not guessing, I posted awhile back a link to online manuals, I think the XR600R was listed if you don't have a manual you might try searching here if you can't find it post here and I will try and find the link.

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