bought a 99 400 timing ????

I just bought a wr 400 doing some mods. The guy I got it from said that the person he got it from had put in 426 cams. Which I think would be the same is this correct. How would I tell if it has a yz cam in it instead of the wr cam. I want to the cam timing mod but not sure how to tell if the cam had been changed?? thanks

Does anyone know if the part number is marked on the cam???



5BF-12170-10-00 426 wr


5BE-12170-10-00 yz 426


5BF-12170-01-00 400(replaces 5BF-12170-00-00) 400

again, not conclusive, but my bet is there is no difference between them.

the -01-00 and the 10-00 difference , (i believe) indicates either an update to newer model.

i also believe that from the 98 -2001 wr had same cam, just different timing.

could be wrong

sorry this is not enough to make a decision on, but i'm trying to come to grips with this system as well.

good luck

Thanks BlueBike

I pulled the valve cover and there is 12 pins between the dots on the cam gears so from what I have found I have yz cams in this bike? I could not find a part number anywhere on the cams but I did not pull them all the way out either so it could be on the back of the gear.

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