Primm Collection??

Anybody know anything about this? I just bought an 02 426 and was looking to see what is hopped up and whats not. Its a POWERFUL mother. Anyway, its got a Primm Collection and Renthal Chainwheel sticker on both sides of the swingarm. I looked it up, but all I found is that is some guy who started collecting bikes. But why did my bike get the sticker on it? Is it an aftermarket swingarm or something? Its got a Sunstar 48 tooth sprocket on rear, not a renthal. I can post a pic if needed.

Any help is appreciated, thanks

That could just be a sticker kit, or just to make the bike look more "trick"

It is very common to see Renthal stickers on a swing arm. Have fun with the bike!

Using that logic, it would have been fun to watch someone try to find the DVS Shoes on my son's 250F before we cleaned it up for sale. :thumbsup:

JK; it was a reasonable question,but like the man said, stickers from anywhere can find their way onto a bike just 'cause someone thinks they're cool.

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