650R loudness, is HRC tip worth it

There was a similar post about this recently, but a few more things that I wasn't real clear on. Is the HRC worth the money or is it just as easy to drill out OEM?Is the loudness going to be much different between the two? If not, I'm going to just drill the OEM, if there is some difference I will consider getting the HRC tip. I want to keep it as reasonably quiet as I can. thanks

I've used both. When I first uncorked my 650R I bought the HRC tip and ran it for quite some time. I later went to an "E" Series pipe and sold the HRC tip. When I damaged the "E" Series I drilled my stocker to run for awhile and had to run a smaller main jet compared to what I was running with the HRC tip. When you compare the two tips together you can see how the HRC tip flows more. Lastly, I hated the nasally sound with the drilled tip. If you are subject to sound testing I never tested below 96 db with the HRC tip.

I have the HRC tip with the Baja Designs spark arrester. It's very quiet in my opinion, supposedly 94db's or less. It does noticably effect performance compared to the stock muffler with the tip out completely. My bike had the stock muffler with no tip at all, just the stock spark arrester in it. It's not really obnoxiously loud that way and really runs great.

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