650R forks on 600R

Ok, Has anyone put a set of 650R forks on to a 650L or 600R? I've got a 650R front end and it looks like I'm going to have to machine the steering stem to accept the lower 600R stem bearing. Has anyone been able to find a bearing that fits that doesn't require the machining?

Check Emigs web site, they offer a stem to put CRF/cr forks on a XR600/400. Not sure about the 650R forks.

what's the web address for that site?

That will get you to their web site, then look under triple clamps(left side of page). There you will see XR650/CR fork. Click on it.

Thanks for the info. That looks like it could be the expensive route. I've got my Triples from the 650R at the machine shop having them turn down the lower part of the stem to accommodate the 600 lower bearing. I let everyone know my results next week.

Ok, The local machine shop took care of me. They were able to turn the 650R steering stem down to accept the 600R lower bearing. The front end is on and looks like everything is going to work. The steering stops are different but that's not that big of a deal since the 5 gal. tank acts like a steering stop.

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