Air Box plus ign. question

I have an '06 WR450F. I was looking at the icat ignition device and does anyone know if a company makes a Carbon Fiber air box for a WR? As for the icat, do any of you have it on your WR? I'll be doing most of my mods over the winter, I have a few of them ahead of me for my new bike.


For teh $$ go a little more and get the vortex X-10

I got the I-Cat first and since getting the vortex X10 I have no need for it. Just get the Vortex ignition it also solves the TPS / CDI stumble issue. :thumbsup:

Thanks guys for the info. Where can the Vortex be bought, online or possibly from my local MC shop?


The Vortex does not entirely cure the stumble - on the road it is still there and largely a function of the TPS IMO.

The Vortex is big $ and IMO you would get more performance benefit from suspension work - jusy my .02.

Vortex is exclusively sold in the USA one distributor and it totally eliminates my stumble at steady throttle down the road ( just my 2 yuans) :

MT Racing in Riverside , California (951) 353-1253

Hey Indy, you're not going to get ANY stumble with that 490 spinnin' your crank!!


Thanks Indy for the web address. Thats on my list for the winter to do list now vs. the icat. Ordering exhaust, JD kit, extra filters, oil and air, 1 1/8 bars also w/clamp. I learned thta the air box isn't going to happen also. WR air boxes can't be beat vs. YZ style carbon fiber style.

Thanks again............Mark :thumbsup:

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