Dual 8" Halogens with Baja Designs DS Kit??

I just picked up the dual 8" halogens and am wondering if it's possible to keep the DS kit wired in too? I want to run the 8"ers for night rides "with both lights having 100w bulbs" and switch back to the standard headlight for days. The stator is getting rewound for dual 125w leads. The race lights already have a regulator installed in the housing, and my bike has the Reg/rectifier on it now to run the DS Kit. So do i have to scrap the DS kit and set up only for the race lights?

Not at all. You will run one 125W coil to the reg/rec and battery to power your DSK just like normal. The other 125W coil will run your dual headlights with regulated AC voltage. You will need your stock regulator or equivalent and dedicated wiring up to the headlight. No switch is needed as long as you want both headlights burning at all times when the bike is running.

If you want to be able to turn off one or both headlights you will need a Ricky Stator heavy duty ~200W+ regulator and ~15A switch or you can use ~15A relays with 12VDC coil. If you use the relays, you can wire the 12VDC low current coil voltage up to the LO and HI beam selector of your DSK handlebar switch. This way on the LO position one headlight would be on, on HI both headlights would be on etc...

First don't be thinking about going on a road with those lights. You would blind any oncoming traffic.

I also have a dual 125W stator. I run a single 90/110 watt halogen off of one coil and the rest of the DS kit on the other. With two 100 watt lights, you will need to run one on each coil. for the first 100W light, run a heavy duty AC regulator and the light. Not quite sure about the second, but I think that you should be able to run it as the headlight in the standard DS setup. It should have enough extra juice to keep the battery charged. So one coil to the first light and wire the second to the DS kit like you had before the stator upgrade.

WOW those puppys are 100W a piece :thumbsup: Forget my post then...

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