Short-cut My @$$, 05 Wr450

You guys got to hear my story, Labor Day weekend at Cal City. We camp south of 20 Mule Team Road aprx 12-miles west of the 395. I set out on a ride to Ransberg with 3-of my buddies. Aprx. miles 27 the way we went. I lead, us guys are 40-plus and not lookin for a real fast ride just a fun one. I made a wrong turn and ended up some pretty difficult trails. One of the guys had a bad fall, not real serious. So I ventured out to find a better, not so difficult trail to Ransberg. Bad Choice#1 :ride: going alone, I could see my buddies, however couldn't find the trail that led to them. So I decided to make my own trail Bad Choice #2, I went down the mountain I was on assuming I was goin to the bottom and back up the other side to where my buddies are sitting. I went down aprx. 900feet and stumbled apon a 40foot drop. Couldn't turn around as it was to steep. I motored around the edge to see if I could find a better root. :applause:

My buddies at this point thought I went to town.

Well, now 2:pm and aprx. 105deg and no shade. I came to a block wall :applause: . no way out. The location I stoped at had a decent drop, I could probly drag the bike down 20 foot or so. Now i'm thinking, drag the bike down and risk gettin hurt or walk the 900 foot mountain to get help. I have tools, water, full set of gear. Left my helmet, goggles, tool bag, and gloves with the bike. Layed her down, turned the fuel off and made the 1.5 hour climb to the top. T-Mobile Service was all bars(awesom) started making calls to the guys I rode w/ and no answer. After an hour of thinking my buddies are coming back for me, I realized I need to make some other calls. Finallay got connected to my sister 27-miles away and told her to give the phone to her husband LA COUNTY SHERIFF DETECTIVE. He also had a few buddies in camp from LASD. Good thing, they made a few calls to the local athorities. Needless to say, I was rescued by Helicopter 5-hours later, slightly de-hydrated, bitten by a huge red annt :thumbsup: , but in good shape.

Why five hours you ask? Because they couldn't find me. I gave them some key points of position(landmarks) They were 20-miles off and four hours later they realized I was on the other side of the mountain.

The ride started about 12:noon and I made it back to camp aprx. 7:30pm. 4-bottles of water and 8-Corona's later. Happy to be back with family and friends. The desert really plays mind games on you.


Back the next morning to recover the bike. She was still there and the ignition light was still on. Using motorcycle straps, we lowered the bike down aprx 20feet or so. She fired right up, That's my girl. Put my gear on and road it out. Speacial Thanks to: Frank, Brock, Robert, Ruben, Kern County Sheriff Helicopter Pilots and Officer Brandon from Cal City Police Dept.:applause: .

Can't wait for the next one. :applause:

If anybody knows Cal City, they thought I was at Gallalejo Mountain(only 3-miles from camp, i could have walked), and I was really at Government Mountain(aprx 25-miles from camp) I told them I'm only 2-3 miles from Ransberg. Ye think that could have done it.

I'm glad you're okay! This is a good story to illustrate the importance of preparation. It's a good thing you had the cell phone and some water. I always carry tools, water, cell, and a GPS - and i hope i'll never have to use it.

we're all glad you made it back, and thanks for sharing the experience.

OK I got one, years ago my Friend and I were riding at gorman ca. on some goat trails

got down in A canyon, couldn't ride out, no cell phone. Two days to walk out, left the bikes there.

heres some neat info.. if you call 911 from your cellphone, it gives them your GPS location... all cellphones made in the last 5 years or so do this. not all 911 call centers can recieve the info, but since the phone can transmit it, atleast theres the chance.

Thanks for sharing. I frequently and often ride in Cal City. Going to Randsburg, I usually take RandsburgMojave road to the powerlines. Then turn left and follow them into Randsburg. In the process, I end up riding alongside 395 over the most whooped out road in socal.

I have never approached Randsburg from the south because I have been warned that it is a bit of a challenge. I'd like to try it someday though.

It sounds as if you did all the right things. The only thing, if any, that I would have not done is to make my own trail in that situation. I've been lost out there before and i now carry a gps, but I stopped carrying a cell. I guess I'll start based on your story.

I find that there are lots of unmarked mines and unexpected dropoffs as you get closer to randsburg from the south. They scare the absolute hell out of me. So i stay away from that area and ride everything else.

Being 41 (soon 42), I too look for fun rides instead of the fast ones. but I plan to get a map and look up where you were so I know to avoid it.


I think you mean route :thumbsup:

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