Some pictures of the "Vegas 200"

First place....way to go!


LOL... cool pics. nice looking bike.cngrats.

30 degrees???? brrrrrr...

at least you didn't have to deal with snow!!! :D


Good job Dan!


You da man, Dan!

You guys rock!! Thanks!!!! My skidplate is from Bajadesigns and the radiator guards are Devol's, it sucks to put that stuff on but it has saved me so many times, it's really worth having the protection. Ron, We gotta go riding!!!!

PS. Lemon-lime Gatorade blows!!! :)


Great Job Dan, good pics...... but the best flavor is Hightide.



Outstanding Dan,

I cant wait to do the race myself. I ride that area so much that its almost an unfair advantage. Just my dumb luck to be injured both years of the race. Looking forward to the vegas/reno race! Oh by the way, I love your pics. I hope pic #5 isnt the award presentation because thats one fugly trophy girl and i dont blame you one bit for keeping your helmet on......just kidding...congrats :)

Great ride Dan! I'm really impressed by your focus

and ability to keep moving on those long solo races. If Casey didn't charge so much and i wasn't so old i'd give you a reason to ride harder in those BITD events! Ha Ha!

Anyway, my motors back together on the old WR so keep me in mind the next time you do a ride out of Mojave.


Glenn and Ron, Were going riding on "Sunday Sunday"!!! The weather should be perfect!!!! C'mon!! Life is short....... :)


Where? What time? Where will the ride go? Do i need to bring a gas can,or will it be a one tank ride or will we stop at a gas station? License plate required?


Glenn, first off Im stoaked to hear that you got the bike all back together, hopefully it didn't cost too much.

On Sunday we'll probably ride near Mojave and go to the area behind Jawbone Cyn. Im sure you've ridden this area alot, we will meet at the Mojave Denny's between 7 and 7:30. Three gallons of fuel will sufice, bring water (ofcourse). Should be alot of fun, we're just going to putt!! We'de love to have you.

I will be there, might bring a buddy. Don't worry, we can hang with a technical ride.

Yeah, it cost alot, but no worries.


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