2005 Wr450f

I am a KTM/DRZ guy and the Yamaha will be used to ride in the dirt, mostly trail riding, I like the electric start :thumbsup: My KTM is a 525 SMR, and I traded the DR-Z for a sport bike. I have zero experieince with Yamaha, other than my old XT550, SR500, DT400 and DT100 days, which are all long past. I am 48 years old, fat and I ride pretty well, been out of the dirt long enough to remember why they moved the shocks forward and how cool the old YZ Monoshock was when it came out!

But, back on topic.............

I am looking at a very low use 2005 with zero wear on the cases, the tires still have the little furry pieces sticking out on them. The left fork seal leaks, the chain is in good shape, the bike appears to be in great shape, very low use. Price marked is $5295.00. Of course they will take $4000.00 as they have "a littel more than $3000.00 or so in it". So my question is do you folks think the bike is worth $4K and what problems should I check it for?

Thanks for helping!

Oh, and here are a couple of gratuitous self promoting photos of me on the track with the KTM



Sound like its worth $4k.

Frequent oil changes are important but I'm sure the answer is yes if you ask. Valve clearance / adjustments are also important but again there is no way to tell.

To get an idea of how much the owner knew about the bike I'd look for things like:

Throttle stop - is the original 3/4 or does it now have the furll YZ stop.

Grey wire mod.

Air box mods

Jetting, again you can't see this.

I have a 06 purchased new in Feb 06 with 500 miles and very well maintained. If intrested I'd sell for $4,600

Its armored, jetted, all free mods and a ProMoto silencer tip.


4 grand is about the going rate these days. 04-06 are all about the same, right. people are dump'n the 05's and 06's in anticipation of the aluminum frame (I think).

changing the fork seal is a pretty easy job. If that's all that's wrong with it, I'd buy it.

Thanks fella's that is what I thought. The dealer I frequent is selling it so I know it's actual history. Guy had it rode with his kids, still had restrictor screw in throttle when traded. Yes, fork seal is easy work, lots of practice here. Thanks, but for $4000.00 I can get one without having to travel, yours is sweet though sir. :thumbsup:

How do these run? Peaky? wide range? Which is it. I am hoping to be able to putt around and go fast when I can :applause:

My 05 is not peaky at all. Probably like the DRZ but with more hp and torque. Can putt around with its low first gear or go fast if you want. A great all around bike.

Excellent, exactly what I thought, now to go ride it and see if I like it. The shop owner, a good buddy of mine, said the riding position on them feels weird to him, but other than that he likes them fine. He is a Kawasaki guy, seems threatened by my KTM purchase, I keep telling him, come to the track and try it. :thumbsup:

...How do these run? Peaky? wide range? Which is it. I am hoping to be able to putt around and go fast when I can :applause:

Not peaky at all, tons of torque to lug you through almost any gear, downshifting is practically optional. Power whenever you want it, & just an overall fun package especially with the "lazy button", though kicking it if the battery goes is a snap with the auto-decomp exhaust cam.

I think the best way I can sum up my experience with the WR (mine's an '04) is that it makes me a better rider than I really am. :thumbsup:

BTW, does TLR mean TL1000R ?

How do these run? Peaky? wide range? Which is it. I am hoping to be able to putt around and go fast when I can :thumbsup:

I try to ride with my kids on my wr450, but once its opened up, its an animal! Its a controllable animal, but an animal nonetheless.

I find it tall and a little cumbersome unless I am riding the hell out of it. It behaves much better when you rev it and go a little faster. The suspension works better, the engine runs smoother. So, an intermediate speed is the slowest I really like to go (of couse speed is mostly controlled by the terrain)

Its a blast, but not the best bike to putt around with the little ones, unless they are good riders.

BTW, does TLR mean TL1000R ?

Yes sir, I used to be a TLR owner, sold it, had a DR-Z, traded it for a TLS. Also have my KTM and an SV650 to play with.

Click for big un's





Doug, you're such a whore

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