how much oil does a yz426 take

I have a 2000 yz426 and i was wondering how much oil it takes. are you suppose to drain the frame and the motor or just the motor

Drain the motor and the oil line that is on the lower right side of the motor. That will require 1500 cc's of oil. If you also remove and clean the oil filter increase the amount to 1600 cc's.

you have to drain the frame too.

The frame will drain when the lower right oil line is unbolted from the engine.

I have taken the oil strainer out of the front downtube a total of 2 times in over 6000 miles. The mesh in that strainer is so big it would only stop small animals from getting through. So why bother?

The simplest procedure is to run the engine for a minute or two, then drain the frame. Most of the oil will come from here.

Then, drain the crankcase. Make sure both drain plugs are tight.

Then, remove all three oil filter cover bolts and replace the filter, or clean it if it's a stainless steel mesh (not bronze). Forget about using the lower bolt as a drain for the filter well.

Don't bother with draining the oil lines or removing the frame screen except that the screen should be inspected once a year, or whenever there is some major work or failure.

Oil capacity is 1.7 quarts total, but 100cc will never drain, so a refill with a filter change is 1.6 qt., 1.5 without.

yea kinda sucks think they could have made the frame a little bigger or somethin so it takes a full 2 quarts oh well every 8 changes or something you get a free quart

How's it free? You paid for it... :thumbsup:

the remainder??

the remainder?? still paid for the original 2 quarts you bought... :thumbsup:

I always safety wire each drain plug in the event they loosen up. This has happened to a number of riders and is cheap insurance.

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