Clutch problem

OK. Last week I was going to take a spin on my 426. After it warmed up, I grabbed the clutch stepped on the shift lever and the bike lurched forward and stalled. I put it back in neutral and started it again. Same thing happened when I tried to get it in gear. I tried rolling the bike with it in gear and the clutch pulled in and I could not get the bike to roll.

Tonight I took it apart, removed the old friction plates and clutch plates, inspected the clutch boss and basket, and replaced the plates and springs. The push rods also seemed to be working normal but I did not remove or inspect the longer rod. I put the bike back together, but I still can't get the clutch to disengage. The clutch pull is no different than before. Anyone experienced this before??? Any advice on what might be broken is appreciated.

I plan to go out and get a clutch tool tomorrow so I can remove the boss and basket and see if something is broken behind them. Any tricks on getting the locking tab on the center nut pushed down without scoring the clutch boss??? This rookie mechanic needs a little help.

Run a search for "0.79 clutch fix" under free mods. I have an 02 wr250 that had the same problems but my clutch was in perfect shape. Didn't make sense to me until someone on TT pointed me in the same direction. All it involves is placing some 6 MM washers from Home Depot beneath the springs on the bolts that hold the basket on. Really, it's just that easy. Mine was a 0.69 fix (Lowes) and I was done in 15 minutes.

Sweet. Thanks. I'll stop at the Depot tonight. My friction plates did not look that worn.


A thousand thanks! The washer trick worked. Thanks for the link. I wish I knew about it earlier. Probably wouldn't have popped for a new clutch kit. Oh well. All is new and its as smooth as butter. :thumbsup:

Don't you just love cheap and easy fixes?! They are either cheap OR easy but almost never both.

I had the same problem so I bought a DP clutch kit and one of the major differences was that the DP springs were shorter I went ahead and istalled it and it worked great but I did not make the connection. I quickly burnt up my DP Clutch (See post on aftermarket MSR Aluminum Shifter) and decided that I would just go back to OEM fibers and plates but I installed the old OEM springs with it....... damn it! The clutch is grabbing again :thumbsup: I pulled it apart and put the shorter DP springs in and WA-LA problem solved. The washer thing makes sense and is a great fix for those of us not stupid enuf to go out and buy a whole new kit :lame:

searched for"0.79 clutch fix" can't find it, HELP !

Same clutch prob on my bike

Go to and look up the .79 cent clutch fix. :thumbsup:

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