How many will be long term WR owners?

Some people have to get the latest every year

some go 2 years and get the next generation bike

some keep their bikes a loooong time (like 10 years)

and keep riding it

How long term an owner are you?

I will probably keep mine forever....

or a long time

whichever comes first.

(unless of course it blows to smithereens

and costs $2000 in parts to fix... or in ten years there will be too much wear to fix it cheaply)

The bikes may get better

but I don't think I will ever be faster than I was 6 years ago.

So I don't feel I'll ever need a new one.

I am purchasing a 2001 wr426 for the trail and fun riding. I plan on keeping this bike for quite a while. There are people riding bikes that are 5 or 10 years old and ripping it up. If you are a serious racer, you may want to update every year or so. I prefer not to buy an new bike very year or so, but ride the one I have to the best of my ability. I don't believe my ability will ever surpass the ability of the WR, therefor no reason to change for a few years or so. On the other hand, after 5 years I will be wanting, not needing, a new one. Thats my plan and outlook on the issue.

Oh yeah, maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!!!!!

I have owned bikes off and on starting at age 14.(now 29) A GT 80, DT 100, XT 350, KLR 650(Mistake) my 2000 WR400 is my first new bike. I intend on keeping it for a very long time. I thinks it is 90% the rider. I was able to hang with my buddies in tight east coast single track trails on my KLR 650. I still have trouble keeping up with my friend on his XR 400. I am like a lot of guys, to talk bad about a man's bike is like calling his girl ugly. That's why I don't give a crap that a new bike is 2 pounds lighter or have one more horse power. To me this bike is the best, and every time I let someone new ride it they always come back with that same big smile, :) and can say enough good things about it.

Actually, I think it is 95% rider. A few years ago I was ripped by a couple of stoned ex-racers on early 90's XRs. This was in the tight woods of course (I had the latest generation XR). My 99 dub-r has more power than I need for most situations and suspension that will handle everything I throw at it. It it goes fast now (it does), it will 3-4 years from now. I'll keep it for 3-5 and see what I think.

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Who am I...Bill Gates? I have no choice but to keep this thing for at least 5-10 more years. I have my first child on the way. I'll be lucky if I don't have to sell it. Plus I already put the price of new bike into this thing.

Everytime I talk about the possibility of even thinking of getting a new one, my wife shoots me an evil look. Then she points to her '91 XR250 and I get the message...her first.

Sure, I salivate evertime the new issue of MX Action arrives. And I dream of riding a new KTM520. But then I just go out to the garage and look it over and remember how good I have it. This bike rocks more than enough for me. I've had nothing but good times on it. And believe, it has taken a licking and it keeps on, well you know.

I battle DAILY with the thoughts of buying a new bike. Not because I don't LOVE my WR, but I always wonder if I'd be a better rider on a 250 rather than the beast. ? I have a feeling that once I change to YZ timing, all thoughts of 2 smokes will disappear. :)


99WR,WR timing,throttle stop removed,Uni filter,E-Series pipe,carbon air box,Pro Tapers,lights removed,YZ tank,13 tooth sprocket

Depends on what the new Honda is like...???

In my case It is not a case of how long I want to keep the bike but a case of how long the bike wants to keep me, these things put out some serious power and when my bike is sick of playing with me it just spits me off.

I am getting sick of doing superman handstands over the handle bars.

I will be. I don't think I'll ever ride the bike to it's potential, just the thought is scary. But may have to add his little brother (WR250f) to the family next year after they work out any bugs?

"No honey it's not for me, it's for the boy, I'm just going to race it once in a while"



86TT225, 98CR80, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank and IMS seat. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA.


I am 15 years old and bought a brand new WR400 bout a month ago. I am gonna be payin on a loan for 4 years. I am gonna have to scrub urinals at piggly wiggly (i work there) until I'm 20 years old.

But hey, what other 15 year old can say that they own a 2000 WR 400f. I am a proud, poor, owner.

wayyy to go!!!you know what i was doin at 15 Throw rocks at my neihbor Robby Joyner.

I will probably be a long term user on this machine. It appears to be the universal dirt bike, you can moto, enduro, hare scramble and trail ride the thing. Just keep fresh oil in it and keep checking the valve adjustment and it should hold up. I would estimate I plan on keeping it at least another enduro season or two, if I can stay away from the reports on the new WR250F that will be coming out..

i am 15 years old and I ride a 2000 wr400. this bike rips and i am also stuck in dets till im 20 looks like i will be still cleaning and organizing shelves but hey i have a wr, thats what counts. (no mommy and daddy did not pay for it)

My 2 Hodakas are 28 yrs old, so i wonder what the '00 WR will look like in 2028?

The only thing that will get me off my WR is a WR426; maybe in about 3 yrs. Great bike & good guys who ride 'em....

Way to go guy, it's nice to see a young fella with priorities. I just got my 98 WR400 back from (2) 17 year old thieves. Seems they lack your drive. I hope they like breaking rocks. I also owe the police a BIG THANK'S. Imagine that.

I think I'll keep her, no the bike maybe the wife too.

Boy, someone who steals a man's bike deserves something worse than breaking rocks! Sentence them to ride KTM's for the rest of their lives! :D:)

I just got my 98 WR400 back from (2) 17 year old thieves. Seems they lack your drive. I hope they like breaking rocks. [/b]

Yeah its a good question which raises some valid points. I suppose I will hang onto my 00 WR400 until I have to sell it for other reasons that forbid me from riding anymore. Its a hell of a lot of money for a dirt bike. I started out on a WR200 about 6 years ago. Back then that cost me about 4k (Australian) I sold it because of work commitments and have now just purchased this new bike. But the differnce in price is huge. The RRP (inc. on road and stamp duty is around $10,600.00 (Australian)Then there is the aftermarket goodies etc... **** I know a guy who's 00 DR400Z owes him close to 15k!!! with all the **** that he has done to it..sure nice bike, but lotta doe!.

Reading through the posts and forums and mags, certainly tickles your fancies for new models. The WR400 has more power than I will ever truly utilise, so more grunt is not an issue, but enjoying myself everytime I hit the dirt is a must. Then washing it, lubing it up and sticking it back in the garage so its sitting there glaring at you till the next time is a great thing. Money well spent on a quality machine..that combo should last quite sometime without letting other peoples opinions get in your way. :)

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