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I'm in for one for $~13.00 and an EXTRA week or so on the shipping if you get enough interest to make the middle man route worth while. Let us know how you want to handle the money.



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Sweet, did not realize is was that hard to reach that screw...definitely count me in ...i'm a new drz 400 e owner so always looking for deals to make this bike scream....

I'll go with the flow. A few bucks either way is no problem for me.

an extra week dosen't bother me, I'm in for $13 bucks. Tell me when and where to send the money?


I'll take one of those, let me know when & where to send the money. Do you want a check or a money order????????

Thax Jim

Count me in for one @ $13. I rigged a little screwdriver but it's still a pain! :)

I am in -- either way does not matter to me, but it would make sense to ease your pain and pay the $3 extra and have them ship it firectly to us. I am thinking about the holidays and hate to see you busy with shipping the stuff to us


I've waited 39 years for one ....... guess I can wait another week :) .


Kev, I never touched mine yet, but I'm in. Thanks.

Hey Kev...

How bout something like...

Ok Guys we've got a deal. If you want one send me money order to (address) made out to: (name) by (date). I will be placing our order on (date) and you will receive a direct shipment from the manufacturer.

I'm ready...Lets do this thing...

Bonzai :)

Please count me in on the fuel handle. Thanks for the effort. Where do I send the money?

Kev, I'm with Rocky. The three extra bucks doesn't bother me and will save you a lot of time. Lord knows it is in short enough supply this time of year! I say go the $16/direct shipment route - we're still making out on the minimum order/shipping deal! Will be watching for details and thanks for the work!!!


I ordered mine about a week ago from Norm> I bought two (1 for a friend) and I had them in 2 days!!! Norm mailed them before I could even get the check in the mail to him. Great guy! I would order but already took care of it. Can't wait to try it out!!! good luck!!

Kevin, count me in also I don't know if I made it in time but if I can get one it would be much appreciated. If possible let me know who,what,where,when,and how much.

Lil Bill......check this link out, it has the skinny on the where what how much thang !!!!

Kouba T - NH Kevin

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