primary gear free play?

Hi guys,

I've removed the clutch basket from my trusty YZ450 '03 to check it out. I noticed a clicking sound from the primary gear when trying to twist it back and forth (like it says in the manual to do) but the free play is so small isn't visible.

Is the primary gear supposed to be riveted solid with absolutely no give, or is this normal?

The basket itself and the primary gear teeth are in otherwise good condition.

Any takers? Thanks, Rad

The primary driven gear pivots on a bearing on the back of the basket, and actually drives through a set of six compression springs that form a drive cushion unit. The rivets hold the outer spring and gear retainer plate on, but do not hold the gear TO the basket, only against the basket. The cushion springs push against the gear in both directions to absorb accel/decel shock. With enough effort, the gear will rotate slightly either way.

Thanks Gray, :thumbsup:


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