Pastrana FMX ProTaper Bars???

Anyone running these on an L? Thinking about dumping my Protaper SE Bars and putting on some Fat Bars, Looking at the Pastrana Bars or the Ricky Bend. I've got YZ HI SE bars on there now, would like something that'll absorb the Vibes better, and a nice high rise. But no so High I've gotta replace all my cables.

I know the Fat bars will cut down on the Vibes, on my Dad's LC4 KTM with Renthal Fat Bars there's NO Vibes in the bars (but still ass numbing in the seat and pegs :thumbsup: )

I use the Renthal Fat Bars in the Ricky Charmichael High Bend with Moose adaptors. The stock cables will reach but just barely. I'm 6'4", and it makes standing actually tolerable for a change.

Sweet, glad to know the cables will reach.:thumbsup:

I think I'm going to go with the KX High Bend, they're not quite as high as the Pastrana Bars but they're not so narrow.

I'm assuming the ProTaper Universal Adapter will work the same as the Moose?

I use the Renthal Fat Bars in the Ricky Carmichael High Bend on my 680cc bike but, I am only 5'10". Jay Lewis is 6'6" and has the Pro-Tapper FMX High bars and I like them better but, I like then rotated back a little more then the RC fatty bars. He has the applied triple clamps that mover the bars forward and I have the Scott's (same thing) that do also. On both of these setups we have the cables rerouted to come up on the rider side of the fars and triple clamps.


I've got the pastrana's on my R with some risers. Stock cables just make it. I'm 6'3" and love the bars.

will these fit a 06 yz ?

They will fit any bike with oversize bar clamps.

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