2 problems I need help with - please

Problem one: Bike has become difficult to start. In fact sometimes will only start with hot start button out (even when cold). The bike is a wr400 2000 and totally standard apart from a 45 PJ which I changed because the bike was backfiring on decell.

Problem 2: When I let the bike stand overnite ccolant escapes from the small hole in the waterpump cover. What do i need to do to fix it?

Thanks for any help.


If the bike requires the Hot Start, I would say your fuel screw needs to be turned IN.

As for the leaking coolant, water pump seal(?)

You'll need to expose the water pump and take a look see.

Kevin is absolutly correct. If the rest of your jetting is stock then the culprit is normally an extremely rich fuel setting. Verify by pulling the plug after a round of attempted starting, Plug wet turn the Pilot Screw to the right in 1/4 turn increments until it starts normally again.

Water seeping through the "weep" hole in the water pump means that your internal seal is failing. Don't play around with this one or it will let go completely while your 10 miles from nowhere. A waterpump is not that expensive and only takes a few minutes to replace.

Good catch...I know two others that missed the warning and it cost them big.

Bonzai :)

Thanks Guys


Had the same problem when I went up from the stock 42PJ to the 45PJ. Ended up back down with the 42PJ and havent had the problem since. Definitely too rich on the pilot circuit.

If you are set on the 45PJ, put in a bigger PAJ to compensate...like an 85PAJ or such...


look below at my siniture for mine lee. are you from the NE?


Hi Taffy

Im from Lancashire area, up North!

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