Gas tanks oem or aftermarket

I just got a Clarke 4 gallon tank for my XR650L and looking at it I have the question for it and the stock tank .How the hell does the gas get to the left side with the pitcock from the right side side of the tank without a crossover line??

I think that the expectation is that if you are rocking and rolling offroad, the gas will slosh to the left side. I am going to an Acerbis tank (Italian made) which is supposed to have dual petcocks. I haven't found much discussion and was preparing to install my own second petcock. If you are going to dual sport, and most of your riding is on level roads (paved or not) it seems that the lack of a second petcock robs you of a 1/2 gallon+ in range. Anybody else have any thoughts or experiences?

Just consider the gas in the right side a second "emergency" reserve. When you run dry just tip the bike over, and presto an extra half gallon.

One of my friends had a 5+ gallon Acerbis tank on his 650L. It had two petcocks.

The gas on the right is just for ballance...(LOL) I love my 4.0 Clark but you do have to tip it over pretty far to get all the fuel or at least most of it. I also saw the Acerbis recently. I'm thinking it wouldn't take much to convert the clarke to work the same.

Yeah, use the gas in the right side for the emergancy reserve....for that one time where just an extra sip of gas means all the world. That half gallon or less is a good 20-30 miles, thats one hell of a long push.

what about a crossover?

or installing another pitcock on the right?

I have ridden my 4 gallon clarke for 8hrs+ straight offroading before even hitting reserve, its really a non-issue I may be worrying about nothing. When the bikes being ridden the gas is going to move around a lot more than you would think, especially offroad.

How the hell does the gas get to the left side?

Just tip the bike over on the left site after it runs out and then only take left turns for the remainder of the ride.

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