Reduce the noise! db Dawg insert

I'm sick of losing my local tracks to noise complaints.... 3 so far, and theres not many left. So I picked up the insert today! db Dawg. I just finished installing it, took about 2 minutes. I noticed right away the bike is really quiet at idle... but still fairly loud on the rev. Definitely the obnoxious bark is gone.... I think the sound will not carry as far and bounce off tree lines. It seems as though the exhaust is broken up (distributed) more instead of such a forceful stream. If I put my hand behind the pipe and rev the bike I can definitely tell the exhaust flow is spread more.... but it doesn't seem restricted at all! The bike fired up right away, and still revs very aggressive. I don't think it will hurt the performance at all. One other thing I noticed is my header pipe didn't start to glow at all, which is strange because usually it glow if I rev the bike on the stand for that long. Don't really know if its directly related or not? I will post an update after this weekend ride. Heres a couple pics.



Looks nice, do you have a homepage link to the producer? How is it installed?

How much was the insert if you don't mind sharing?

$39 cdn + shipping. Thats about $34.85 US

I'm looking forward to your ride report.

if it works well, everyone should install one, noise is our worst enemy. :thumbsup:

I'm heading out tomorrow so I will let you guys know what I think of it when I get back.

Well??? Howd it do? Dont leave us hangin forever!!

he said TOMORROW!!!! as in saturday :thumbsup:

First ride report...

I am very impressed with the results with this insert! Huge noise reduction... I mean HUGE! If on the 1-10 scale, my bike was a 10 being the loudest, my buddy said its now a 4!!!! Now that alone is worth the $34US. Bike ran great with the insert and starts easy like normal. My buddy said he could really only hear my bike when I rode by the front of the track where he was watching.

Now, I would recommend putting some high heat silicone behind the insert so when you butt it up against the pipe it makes a good seal... this way you won't have any exhaust sutt getting onto the pipe. Jetting.... this insert will make your bike run a little richer! so you will need to lean it out a little to compensate. There was a slight power reduction in the bottom end power but VERY minimal... and again my bike was running rich. I think with the proper jetting that will go away. Great product :thumbsup: I highly recommend it for anyone that wants there local track to stay open for years to come.

Oh, and one other thing... that pretty blue color will disappear after that plug heats up, it gets very hot! Apparently the color is there so warehouse guys know what size plug goes for what bike... its not really anodized.

I got a pmb insert on my bike and the exaust itself is fairly queit and I can easily make 96db it's just I keep getting in trouble freom the rangers because my skidplate deflects noise like crazy and they think its my pip thats loud. When I rode a bike with a loud exaust it gives me a huge headache and I cant think straight or focus and that kinda scares me. It doesn't quiet roar as much and the idle sounds a little lame but its still a good sounding bike.

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