Got me my first thumper!

I finally got me my first thumper, It is a 84 XL600R all stock. What are the best mods for this bike?



Like most every bike, the stock jetting is a little on the lean side. I'm sure it's long gone, but remove the airbox snorkle. The exhaust is also somewhat restricted.

Engine wise the XL600 has plenty of juice. Suspension wise it kind of sucks. It's fine for dirt roads and mild trails. For more hardcore dirt riding a XR600 has much better suspension with the same engine.

Let's see some pic's Bro.

My son had one of those. It was a nice bike. He sold it for something lighter. Yeah, lets see some photos.

I'll post some pics soon!!!!!!!!!! I also got new metzler front and rear tires too!


Well 1st, tell us the miles on it and what it possibly needs.

How are the chain and sprockets? If worn, gear it more to your liking possibly. Fork seals OK? Bet they could use a change of oil and you could put in a more desirable weight for better fork performance. Fork oil height also can fine tune them a bit. Maybe the oil was NEVER changed??

Air filter OK and not dry rotted? Cables funtion smooth? Spokes all good and tight, wheels true?

Linkage greased up good? Steering head bearings lubed, that was probably never done either. If I remember correct the linkage has zerk fittings to lube it up, is that correct?

How is the inside of the metal gas tank, any rust and if so give it a kreem coat job so it will never rust again. There is a better product out but would have to look up the name as I can't recall. I'll wait and see if you say it's rusted 1st.

Brake pads and shoes OK? Vailves adjusted?

I had a 83 XL 600, they are nice bikes, very NICE bikes. :thumbsup: Back in 83 they went for approx $1900 new.

OK here a couple of pics. This bike has 20000 Original miles. It runs fast and strong. I just have to troubleshoot the slow idle down problem. I need to adjust the chain, valves, and tune up. Cosetically looks good, ride great. I might need to do full gasket/seal set to fix oil leaks(minor ones).


Congrat's on the new ride...Look's nice.... :thumbsup::applause:

Thanx I hope to have a blast!

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