Damn Gas tank!

Hey guys, I just wondered if anyone knows exactly how the graphics on your tank (particularly white) turn yellow. I know it has something to do with the gas fumes through the plastic but is there a way to prevent it. I just put on some new graphics last season and there yellowish already. Its a stock tank for a yz 426.....And no im not a clumbsy idiot who overfills the gas tank.


I read somewhere that before putting on graphics that you need to put acetone on a rag and wipe it on the tank to seal it. I really don't want to try it on a good gas tank just in case it was to damage the surface.

another tip is to drain the fuel tank after each riding day is over and leave the fuel cap off or loose to let the tank "breathe" to the easiest point of vapor travel. the plastic tanks, when left with gas and vapor will breathe through its skin and any subsequent overlay (decal) placed on it. nature of the beast. it is a pita to do this but it will help. or buy an 06 and there is no graphic on the tank as the shroud covers the tank and the graphics are not subject to the fuel tank vapor.

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