Lost timing plug

At the track today, I found a boot covered in oil and no timing plug on my 06 yzf 450. Is there a better aftermarket product or should I just replace it with a factory ?plastic one and check it frequently. I don't think I lost to much oil.

Buy aftermarket ones, like the Works Connection or GYT-R ones. The stock ones are made of lame plastic, and if you go just a tiny bit too tight when putting them back in they chip and its hard to get them tight the next time.

The OEM plugs will stay put just fine if they're tight. They aren't torqued down enough as delivered.

I put a little silicone on the outside just for a peace of mind. When I need to take them out the silicone just peels off.

Thats one piece thats on my pre ride checklist... If its tight your won't lose it!

If you want to waste money I think Ride Engineering has some cool looking ones.

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