How much Oil for 04 450

Greetings from down under in New Zealand... Please help me out guys, with a couple of simple Questions. just bought a 04 450, quite a mint bike with 1500 miles but no owners manual. How much oil does it take if you do the filter as well ?. Is semi synthetic Ok?. Is the dip stick above the lefthand radiator for the engine oil level ?, Is the oil filter on the righthand side ?. Im trying to source a manual. has anyone had any luck downloading one ?. has anyone got one for sale ?.. Sorry for so many basic questions, got a big ride this weekend desperate to change the oil, help would be greatfully recieved. :thumbsup:

1.1 litres including filter change.

Semi synth is OK. Just change it every 10 hours riding or so.


you can dl an owners manual from the yama site

1.0 without filter

1.1 with filter

i run klotz 20/50 syn and get 700 miles before it even turns brown )

but i do d/s

1.1 litres including filter change.

Semi synth is OK. Just change it every 10 hours riding or so.


thanks mate, all sorted

Owner's Manual .pdf :thumbsup: ...SC

A great lead mate...800 pages. job done. 5 drainage bolts, who'ed of guessed. thanks again... Chris.

And my favourite time of year, spring, lots of young'uns bouncing around.

alright, here goes my first post cherry....

ive got an 06 wr450 that i just uncorked and love. ive seen several posts and read the manual about changing the oil "without" a filter change. Is this done often? what are the reasons for changing the oil without doing the filter? just wondering.


filters cost $14 each and 90% of the time its not even dirty. its recomended to change the filter every 3rd oil change, or when you see metal in it.

dont forget the oil screen in the oil hose, clean that every 10 times or so


Who has honestly ever even seen anything at all in the frame screen? I took it out once on a 2000 YZ, after seeing how big the holes were I figured it was a waste of time (except for the one time I thought a gear was broken). Recently I tore down the high milage 2003 from which the oil screen has never been out and true to my belief, nothing to see there.

Anyone ever figure out if the bike will hold a bit more oil? Like another 100-200cc?

Overfilling a dry sump engine by a LITTLE bit is no big deal, there will just be more in the frame.

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