Got my YZ450f home and...

Did the air cleaner, changed the oil, and cleaned and adjusted the chain ect...

What's the thinking with the oil screen and a paper filter together. I would think the paper filter would be plenty?? Changing the oil sure it FUN! :applause:

Rode it down the alley real easy like and it did run, now for next week! :thumbsup::applause:

The screen is intended to strain out anything large enough to damage the oil pump that may have been introduced into the oil tank through the cap. It makes the same sense that the screen on the oil pump pick up of any wet sump bike does, because that's exactly what it is. That being said, how often do you check the screen on the oil pump in a typical wet sump? Uh-huh. Check your frame screen once a year, or whenever there's been a major failure and/or repairs or engine work. Nothing more frequent is really necessary.

My advice? Ditch the paper filter and invest in a Scotts stainless mesh filter.

Bruce, have you been out riding that thing yet?

Make sure you get some miles on it. I would hate to bring the boys over and show you a thing or two. :thumbsup:


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