YZ 450 Supermoto wheels.

I know a fellow who has a few sets of Talon hub, excell rim, buldog spokes, spline nipple wheels, brand new, never had tires on them. He wants $1000 shipped. My brother has a YZ 450 so we are looking for a set of wheels for him. Would any of you think this is a good deal? I could wait to see what goes on ebay, but these are new for $1000. No tires, rotors or sprockets, but brand new. Good deal or not?

If you are looking for a spoked wheel with no carriers then I dont think thats a good deal. If you hold out you can find a nice used set on Ebay already set up for less than that but its a crap shoot. If you are looking for the best deal going, check out Carrozerria wheels from speedzilla.com They are forged aluminum and dont require a tube.

Its tough trying to find used supermoto stuff because its a market that is growing so fast that the industry can hardly keep up so all the used stuff that shows up is scarfed up quick and for nice ching. I would buy new and I would check out the one piece wheels.

mtrdrms, you are thinking of excel hubs. Talon hubs do not use carrier rings. If you are saying that you are getting a front and rear wheel for $1000, then you will be saving about $50 over buying them from white brothers. It seems like an okay deal, you decide.

What about $800 for the wheels?

$800 is pretty good for 2 brand new wheels.

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